10 reasons to love Miami

You've never been to a place like Miami. Known as "Magic City", Miami has a unique and exciting mix of hip urban culture, relaxed beachfront atmosphere, and Latin and American traditions.

Although we could still tell so much about this magical city here, we decided to agree on 10 reasons why you have to love Miami.

The Beaches Are World Class

There are only a few beaches in the world that can compete with the sandy shores of Miami. The city's natural shorelines offer a variety of activities on every corner. You can participate in beach volleyball games, do outdoor fitness classes and, of course, sunbathe to the most beautiful places you've ever seen. There are beaches for all occasions: pet-friendly; where everything is ready and ready for grilling; and those at which parties are thrown as soon as the sun goes down. Neither observing the people on South Beach is a waste of time, nor is it rollerblading or cycling along Ocean Drive. Whatever your dream beach, Miami is guaranteed to offer it.

The Foodies Paradise: The Latin American Version

In Miami, you can enjoy the most delicious Latin American cuisine every night of the week. You can taste the best Cuban dishes outside of Havana and drink a cup of Cuban coffee after another - not to mention the Cuban cocktails. You can also discover the traditional cuisine, which extends beyond the Caribbean and Latin America. Dishes that you think you know have special flavors that can be associated with certain nations. For example, empanadas vary depending on whether you are going to a Colombian, Ecuadorian, Argentinian or Puerto Rican restaurant.

The Party-Hochburg

Like everything else in this city, a night in Miami is a pretty Latin American experience with a pinch of USA. Especially South Beach has the most famous nightclubs in the world and the biggest DJs hang up here, making sure everyone is dancing. Traditional Cuban music is available in all bars of the city. So you do not have to look far to discover one or even ten lively bars. Midtown and Wynwood provide you with the trendiest and hip hangouts, while Downtown Miami is home to the city's oldest bars.

The Sun Shins All Year Round

Life in Miami is powered by the sun. Here you do not need a winter coat and actually you can get rid of all your sweaters right away. Miami is blessed with warm weather year-round, meaning you can actually spend every day on the beach. But you may need a rain jacket to withstand the tropical storms that sometimes hit the city during the hurricane season (June through November), but even then the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees.

Nature Is Untouched And Beautiful

Miami lies between two national parks - the only city in the US that can claim such a thing. In the west you will find the Everglades: a swampy area in an otherwise subtropical area, which is ideal for wilderness adventures. The park has a number of hiking and biking trails that are ideal for getting rid of a few extra pounds that you've had in Miami. With about 200,000 alligators, the park literally takes the word wild in wildlife. Cruising the Nine Mile Pond by canoe while enjoying the sweeping views from the Shark Valley is one of the best ways to experience wildlife.
Biscayne National Park preserves the mangrove forests and waters of Biscayne Bay, including America's only living coral reef. Visitors can explore the park by snorkelling, canoeing and camping on subtropical islands. The incredible underwater ecosystem is best experienced while diving through the Florida Reef.

Latin America Is Everywhere (More Is Needed)

Miami is not without reason the capital of Latin America. You may be in the US, but it definitely feels Latin American: the city is closer to Havana than to Tallahassee, the capital, and is home to the largest Hispanic population in the US. A local saying goes, "The best thing about Miami is that it's so close to the United States."

There's Nothing About Healthy Life (And Good Appearance)

The inhabitants of Miami take a health-conscious life seriously. You know that the beach is not just for relaxing, but also a year-round gym to show off what you can do. You'll be wondering how people manage to look so cool while jogging through the heat at 35 degrees: Just do not question it, it just goes down in Miami. 
Fashion is also taken very seriously here, where everyone dresses to impress others. Whether they are shopping for groceries, meeting friends at SoBe or going to work, the residents never miss a chance to dress up.

Everything Turns (Also) To The Sea

It is only good and right that a city with such a breathtaking coastline offers great water activities at the same time. After you have rested on the beach, you can get an adrenaline kick on the open ocean by rushing across the waves in a speedboat or jet ski. If you want to take it easy, go snorkelling or diving, where you can explore shipwrecks and Miami's rich underwater ecosystem. Or take advantage of the elements and windsurf along the coast.

The City Is Only Spraying Against Art

From the Art Deco buildings that adorn the beach side to the ever-expanding galleries and street art on the walls in Wynwood, Miami sprinkles with art. The Art Deco district on Miami Beach is virtually an outdoor gallery, and the city is also hosting the Art Basel Miami, a leading, modern art event.

The Keys Are Near

Miami may be one of the craziest places in the world, but you can easily slow down and escape to the beautiful secluded spots along the Florida coast. To enjoy a relaxed island atmosphere, drive to the Florida Keys, America's southernmost city, and rest on idyllic beaches far away from Miami's constant bustle. Alternatively, if you know where to look, you do not have to drive into the Keys to experience a piece of tranquil Miami: Virginia Key is a short drive from central Miami and offers breathtaking, scenic beaches.