10 ways in the plane to kill time

How kill time

Check out films / tv series

a classic, but it helps. Nothing takes time faster than a few episodes of suits or a lewd romance (preferably with ryan gosling). Do not forget to charge your laptop or ipad (you should not use the entertainment on board). And do not leave your headphones at home!

Leaves by high gloss magazine
air travel is one of the few situations in which i spoil myself with a stack of vogue, ellen and cosmopolitan issues. Perfect for the annoying 20 minutes at the beginning and end of the flight when electronic devices are banned.

Relaxing in a audiobook
especially if you have to kill for a long time, an audiobook is a nice change (harry potter will always be my favorite). If you'd rather get something for your education and inspiration, then "losing my vriginity" by richard branson (founder of virgin atlantic) or "pitch anything" by oren klaff is a good choice.

food helps with boredom! This may not be helpful for weight, but time passes faster when you're busy with food. That is even scientifically confirmed.

Follow labor working
without the internet seems impossible, but it pays to write e- maildesigns. Once you're back on the ground and your mobile device is connected to wi-fi, you can send it. 

if we already talk about catching up: on the plane you can catch up on a couple of hours of sleep and, as a small treat, maybe even prevent jet lag. But do not choose a seat next to the emergency exit or in the last row. There you can not sit back and sleep comfortably, because people are constantly passing by. Trust me, that sucks!

Starr from the window and philosophers
an individual playlist depending on your state of mind and a stare out the window - that's enough! I've done everything from ballads marathon of a "depressive girl that her dream leaving town and probably the love of her life," about house party songs like "i will this project kick your ass" to sentimental pop moments free according to the motto "i am as happy as a honey cake horse". Spending time with yourself and your own thoughts is totally underestimated.

Write lists
i'm very sure i'm not the only list fanatic . Here are some ideas: things to buy if you win the lottery; things you want to do before you die; list of names you would give to your future children; or overview of the celebrities whose looks you would like to have. All funny topics that pass the time.

Games candy crush is
incredibly addictive and definitely a great pastime. Even a transatlantic flight passes like nothing!

Talking to your neighbor
a personal flight highlight: a 3-hour conversation with a business coach who led one of the largest departments at siemens and personally coached ceos at harrods and mckinseys. Linkedin buddies? Why, surely! Of course, you do not hit the jackpot every time, but you definitely gain a lot of interesting experiences.