10 ways to make each trip better

Do you have a burning desire to travel this summer, but do not know where to start or how to make your trip memorable? We've put together a list of the top 10 easiest ways to make a trip better - just in time for your next adventure.


If you decide to go on a long backpacking trip with any stopovers and unpredictable side trips, you may not have booked all the accommodations in advance. And you should not - you should always have room to be spontaneous. But make sure that you have already lodged for a night or two in a hostel in your city of arrival. Nothing is more daunting than having to find a place to stay when you arrive tired after a long flight.


You know these tablet cans, with which you can store and organize your medication and vitamins? Well, they are also perfect for storing your jewelry during a trip. So you avoid twisting and getting tangled up and you can save your precious treasures from breaking down. You can easily find tablet cans at the nearest pharmacy if you do not have any home around.

(not) pack

And while we're packing, if you're not sure about something, do not pack it because you will not need it! First of all, you do not want to drip with sweat when you carry ten extra pairs of shoes with you that you will not wear. Secondly, the less stuff you have, the smaller the bag you need and the more likely it is that you can take them as hand luggage on the plane instead of handing them off at check-in - a real time saver. And last but not least, if you really need something (other than chocolate and biscuits), you probably will not be at the bottom of the world and you can buy it at your destination.


If you're one of the people who spend every free minute exploring the world, then you should definitely try to use a frequent flyer program. If you are loyal to an alliance or airline, you can earn points to receive free upgrades, access to the lounge, and preference at check-in. If you have the opportunity, think of applying for a credit card, which will also give you frequent flyer miles - so you can collect the miles for upgrading faster.


You will never speak fluently all the languages ​​of all the countries you visit in your life. But simple phrases like ' hi', 'thank you' and ' ' my name is ... '' Makes a good first impression on the locals. And if you can not think of anything, remember that smiling everywhere means the same thing.


Maybe you're traveling to a country where the letters and street signs look very different than your home, which can cause a lot of confusion. Since you certainly do not want to find yourself somewhere in the middle of the night somewhere in the middle of nowhere, make sure that you always have the address of your hotel or your hostel at hand. In asian countries, the best place to put the address on a piece of paper in the right characters - and do not rely on maps or google maps, because many taxi drivers do not know how to read them!


You never know if the only available room at your destination is not directly on the busiest street in the city. And if you're too tired to keep your eyes open, you do not want to break your beauty sleep from singing teenagers, screaming souvenir salesmen, and irritable taxi drivers hooting hoping to get ahead. The solution? Put earplugs in and you can sleep whenever and wherever you want.


Being in an all-inclusive hotel may sound comfortable. But for a week eating only from the same buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner is ultimately just unsatisfying and uninspiring. And you will learn nothing about the culinary benefits of your travel destination. Instead, ask locals for recommendations and try the food offered on the roadside, where the longest queue forms. You should also scour the shelves of the small grocery store on the street corner to find out what the locals eat.


The key to the best possible travel experience is the right attitude. You should be aware from the beginning that something is likely to go wrong, and so it will be easier for you to handle frustrating situations such as when the train is delayed, your luggage is lost, or the food does not taste good. And you know what? It is often these moments that give the best stories in the end.


You should behave that way too, if you do not have time to do or see everything: do not stress yourself! Let go of your expectations, stay open and keep your eyes open for places and experiences that are a little off the beaten path. These are also usually cheaper. And you really do not have to visit all the tourist attractions. So take your time and enjoy the smaller things instead, like drinking a cup of coffee on a sunny piazza or finally reading the book that has been sitting on your bedside table for far too long.