11 incredible facts about the statue of liberty

The statue of liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in the world - and although she is already 129 years old, the lady still looks great. Here are our 11 favorite facts that prove that the statue is worth more than just a good photo opportunity in the big apple.

Your right name is ...

The actual name of the statue is enlightening the world; statue of liberty is just a nickname.

From red to green

The statue is made of copper and originally had a shiny red-brown color (like the american one penny coin). To everyone's surprise, the statue changed its color to the green-blue patina within the first two decades (so they should have known that!).

Lady liberty in numbers

Measured from pedestal to torch, the statue is 93 m high and weighs 225 tons. When it was built in 1886, it was the largest iron construction in the world. The lady wears sandals in size 879 and has a waist circumference of 11 m. You have to climb 377 steps to see through the 25 windows in your crown - the seven peaks represent the seven seas and continents.

A mother's day gift

The statue of liberty was designed by auguste bartholdi, a french sculptor. He modeled his face after the image of his mother charlotte, and won more or less all "son of the year" awards for all time.

A transatlantic gift

The statue was a gift from the french to the americans and commemorates the alliance of the two countries during the american revolution. Since then, the statue is not only a symbol of freedom, justice and democracy, but also a unesco world heritage site.

One ticket to america

The statue was completed and presented to the us ambassador to france on july 4, 1884. It remained in their home country until it was disassembled into 300 pieces, packed in 214 boxes and shipped to the united states in 1885, where it was put back together. The journey across the atlantic ocean took a week longer than planned, and the ship carrying the ton-heavy statue sank almost during a storm.

It will light

Between 1886 and 1906, the statue of liberty served as a lighthouse. But since the energy supply was not sufficient to guide ships after sunset, the liberty lighthouse stopped after 16 years of operation.

The lady's tablet

On the copper tablet (t) of lady liberty - similar to an old-fashioned ipad - engraved july iv mdcclxxvi (july 4, 1776). This is the date on which the american declaration of independence was signed.

The torch

The torch was open to visitors until 1916, until the black-tom explosion destroyed the skirt and torch of lady liberty. In 1986 , the torch was removed and replaced with a new, shiny model - the current flame is set with 24-carat gold leaves, while its predecessor can be admired in the lobby of the statue.

One step direction freedom

If you could lift the skirt of the lady's copper dress, you would see that her right foot is raised and she stands between broken fetters and chains - a symbol of freeing herself from tyranny and oppression.

The flash turns (more than twice)

It is believed that the statue is hit by up to 600 lightning strikes a year. But that's not all she has to endure in the weather. Even though she seems unshakable, 80 km / h of fast winds cause the lady liberty to sway up to 8 cm while bringing the torch to 15 cm.