11 things that you learn while traveling

"the one who returns from a journey is no longer the same one who has moved out." - chinese proverb

A journey can change your life and teach us about ourselves and the world in which we live. We already become poetic and sentimental when we think about budget, organization and packing. Travel is probably one of the most exciting and beautiful things to become a better person - and here are 11 reasons to prove it.

How to make the right decision

At home, you know how to shop and how to order from your favorite pizza service. But when you travel, you know practically nothing. And there is always an overwhelming number of decisions to make - from food and lodging to bus schedules. It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but confidently deciding becomes easier over time - and trusting your own choices is a great feeling as well as a valuable asset.

How you become a budget expert

While traveling, make sure your money is good for weeks, if not months. Your priorities will change - stop spontaneous shopping trips, from now on purchases are planned exactly. At the same time you will learn when to save and when to spend your money: for a week, ready meals from the supermarket, so you can put something on the high edge, then do a snorkel trip on the great barrier reef ...? Yes gladly!

How you remain relaxed and flexible

It is always good to have a plan, but also be aware that it can change on the move: buses and trains are delayed and there are also rainy days. All of this is perfectly okay - do not let yourself be bothered by fixed itineraries and schedules. When traveling, it's not about ticking off countries and attractions on a list, it's about having good stories to tell in the end.

How do you expressly precise you

Using a foreign language to order food, find ways, and book accommodation - not just to get a good grade - is one of the best ways to learn . It can help you make new friends, explore a different culture and really enjoy your trip. So, no matter where you go, always learn a few new words: residents know the best restaurants, bars and shortcuts.

How thank you are

You will be in the priceless position to experience things for the first time - something that gets more difficult as you get older. Being in a new environment will help you appreciate the little things that make life so exciting and memories memorable. Traveling reminds you to go through life not only with open eyes and ears, but above all unbiased.

How little material things count

As you travel around the world, you will soon realize how little you actually need to actually be happy - and not only because heavy luggage causes back pain. Traveling is a great way to make your life, both mental and factual. Fortunately, memories do not take up much space in your backpack - and you'll definitely learn to pack properly.

How to continue to arrive

Many important questions of life have been answered while traveling. It's difficult to pin down what is actually so great at exploring the world, gathering your thoughts, and putting things in the right perspective: maybe it's the other climate, the lack of showering, or that beautiful sunset ahead of you. Add to this the fact that you have enough spatial and mental distance between you and your everyday life. And you have the perfect recipe to solve all sorts of problems.

How you are yourself enough

We live in a world where we are connected to each other at the push of a button. Being able to be alone without feeling lonely is one of the most underrated abilities today. When you travel, you will probably be alone at some point and you will have to learn to be yourself enough. Once you feel happy and content without relying on someone, you've already won.

How to find friends anywhere

Once you've been around for a while, start building a radar for people with big backpacks, comfortable clothes, and that special glow in their eyes. The great thing about meeting other travelers is sharing stories, moving on together for a while, or simply sharing tips and tricks before everyone goes their own way. Some people may help you with your backpack and others will become lifelong friends.

How to handle-offline

Carpe the travel diem without worrying about what instagram or facebook looks like: the number of likes and shares should be the least of your worries when you look at a sunset. Traveling is a good time to disconnect, both literally and figuratively. Do not stress yourself by keeping in touch with everyone and photographing everything. Just be there, look and marvel.

How to try out new things

Traveling is the perfect way to break out of your comfort zone - after all, motivational posters claim that life begins. Ask for direction with your five-word chinese vocabulary, explore a new city without a map, and eat this fried cricket for breakfast. Do not go into dangerous situations - but be adventurous and try as many new things as possible.