18 bargain shopping tips

We are huge fans of bargain shopping. If you can get a product for cheaper than in a retail store, we are happy. In this tone, you will find below some bargain shopping tips. Again, as we keep repeating, choose the ones that are relevant to your lifestyle and that are going to work for you! Enjoy!

  • Tip 1: Buy fruit and vegetables wholesale: If you have a retail or wholesale market nearby, start buying your fruit and vegetables there. Most retail markets still allow you to buy fruit and vegetables by the box at a heavily discounted price. See if any of your friends are interest in buying with you and then you can split up the boxes. Your potential savings are up to $100 a month.

  • Tip 2: Shop at garage sales: Garage sales are great. You can buy stuff that you need at a large discount (often 80 or 90 percent). Work out what items you are looking for and then go garage sale shopping on a Saturday morning.

  • Tip 3: Buy second hand books: Reading is a great past time, and you should try and read as many books as you can. Unfortunately the cost of new books can add up over time. Luckily there are 1000s of second hand bookshops around where you can pick up new and classic books at discounted prices.

  • Tip 4: Buy higher dosage prescription drugs: Check with your doctor if there is a higher dose you can buy and then cut the tablets in half...This can save almost 40 percent. Remember to check with your Doctor first….very important to do check first!

  • Tip 5: Buy generic prescription drugs: Buying generic prescription drugs will save you around 10 to 15 percent. These generic companies have to stick to the same procedures as other drug companies so the standard is always the same.

  • Tip 6: Shop Duty Free: Why pay tax unless you have too! If you or a friend is planning an overseas trip, save up your pennies and buy items that you require duty free. The range of duty free products is great, especially for alcohol, electronics and perfume.

  • Tip 7: Buy tyres wholesale: There are many wholesale tyre companies around that sell all the well known tyres at a least 10 percent discount.

  • Tip 8: Get your hair cut at a beauty school: Beauty schools (where students are training to be professionals) cost you less money as the students get to practice on you. Don't worry there is a qualified person supervising!

  • Tip 9: Buy your contact lenses on-line: There are a variety of places to buy your contact lens on line. You will have the convenience of shopping at home and will save some money in the process. Monthly disposables are a better option than daily disposables.

  • Tip 10: Buy eye glasses on-line: Sites like Zenni Optical can save you hundreds of dollars on your prescription glasses.

  • Tip 11: Massages from a massage school: If you like massages, but don't like the price then consider a massage school. Like a beauty school, students get to learn and practice on you, and you get a cheaper price. The school where you get a ‘happy ending’ at the end of it is the wrong kind of school. But more fun.

  • Tip 12: Buy an electronic massager: This one off purchase of a “good” electronic massager will save you money over the long run as you don't need to pay for massages as often.

  • Tip 13: Negotiate hard on furniture: Furniture generally has a large mark up so there is a good opportunity to negotiate on price. Don't be afraid to negotiate hard.

  • Tip 14: Shop at K-mart for running shoes: The quality isn't that different between brand name shoes and those at K-mart or Wal-mart. Shop around and find a cheap pair of shoes that are comfortable for you.

  • Tip 15: Print out promotion codes off the Internet: There are literally 1000s of promotional codes on the Internet you can print out (eg 10 percent off products in a hard ware store). Take advantage of these, and save money every time you shop.

  • Tip 16: Shop at the dollar store: You can find some great bargains, as well as some not so great bargains, in these stores. We recommend a bit of testing in the store before you commit to buy an item. At the end of the day the products are cheap but generally of ok quality.

  • Tip 17: Buy bread at the bakery: Bakery bread is cheaper and better for you than bread in the supermarkets. Look around in papers for discount vouchers (most local papers have them for bakeries) and you stand to save even more money.

  • Tip 18: Shop at Amazon: Their website is great and goes far beyond just selling books. The prices on some items are also very heavily discounted.