4 reasons why you should blog

My blog was a big part of my life and I miss that kind of creativity. But hey, now I'm blogging as part of my job. Problem solved!

Never forget the #EFMoment (or other great events)

I'm scared that I'll forget anything - what I've done, what I've felt, jokes I've laughed inside ... just anything that makes me smile. When I realized how fast these memories fade, that annoyed me a lot. I wondered what I can do to prevent this in the future? Start a diary? Is maybe a bit boring! Or something that is more creative and modern? Yes exactly! At 16, I started my first blog - an online partnership that lasted 6 years. Even today, I like to go to my blog and read about my then-fashion style, secret moments and some exciting events (such as when I snuck into the Copenhagen Fashion Week).

Keep your family and friends up to date

This point makes sense, but is also somewhat selfish. It makes sense because your friends and family want to know what you do on your travels and follow your reports in front of the screen. But he is also selfish: Do you know how annoying it is to constantly have to answer the question "And ... how was your trip? Over time, your answer will be boring: "Oh, very nice. Great weather, lots to see, nice people ... ". On a blog, anyone can read about your experiences and stay up to date, even on the details of your latest rendezvous. During our peak blogging period, my sister and I communicated almost as if "read it on my blog!"

Your personal diary

I kept my blog "old school" analog and bought one of those 3 year diaries, where you only write a few sentences a day to see how far you've come at the end of each year. I loved this part! Digital diaries do not get lost or worn out and they are never further than a Wi-Fi connection.

Be creative!

My blog is my virtual playroom ... my kingdom as it were, governing I! For years the blog spurred my creativity: I wrote about fashion, music and all the things that moved me, edited the photo or just philosophized. My blog was a big part of my life and I miss that kind of creativity. But hey, now I'm blogging as part of my job. Problem solved!