5 hand luggage tips: Flying with hand luggage made easy

My name is Isabelle and I always pack too much. Somehow I always manage to forget that when it comes to packing, less is definitely more. Fortunately, I have experts in the pack around me who keep me from having to take part in a 12-step program: Thanks to their carry-on tips, I no longer have to carry too much baggage with me, much like a sports exercise.

Simon: Discover You And Plane In Advance

Is it vital? Is it useful? If the answer to both questions is yes, then I'll pack it in my carry-on luggage: documents, money, electronics, and a few clothes will accompany me into the cabin. If my suitcase gets lost, I can get by for a day or two with the contents of my hand luggage. Before I start packing, I first ask about the airline's carry-on policy and look at what is and is not allowed in my hand luggage. The airlines are making differences in size, weight and number of bags the passenger is allowed to take, so it is important to inquire in advance. Although weight restrictions can be annoying, I'm being forced to pack less and that's not bad at all.A long weekend is enough for a small suitcase, and if I stay away longer , I use a heavy-duty, versatile backpack, which I can also take on trips to my destination.

Narae: Never Travel Without A Survival Package

If I fly for more than six hours, I always pack earplugs, a sleep mask and emergency medications like antiallergic and painkillers. Whenever I hand over my bags at the check-in, I stow my "survival kit" in my carry-on luggage - but you have to be careful, and you should first find out what you are allowed to carry in your hand luggage. If my checked baggage gets lost or does not take the same flight as mine, I also need my cell phone cord, fresh underwear, and a comfortable dress that I can wear so I can get along without my stuff for a day. Normally, I do not worry about the weight of my hand luggage and deliberately stash heavy things like books. It's painful to put my carry-on luggage in the compartments above the seats, but this way I can easily avoid having to pay for excess baggage. (You do not have that from me though.)

Christie: There Is Nothing About Useful Things And Pools

In any case, I pack the things I need and find useful in my hand luggage. If I want to go straight to the beach , my bathing suits will come in your hand luggage - as it is just nerve-wracking to replace these things in case my other luggage does not arrive on time. In addition, I pack a lot of things according to the self-assembly principle, so as to get the most out of the size of my bag, taking into account the hand luggage guidelines. Finally, I still leave some space in my carry-on luggage. Just in case I go shopping at my destination.

Tom: Hygiene And Appearance Should Not Suffer

I always deposit my most important toiletries in my carry-on. Not for the sake of convenience, but in case my checked baggage gets lost or stolen and I can not sleep anywhere and am forced to survive at the airport. I can go through hard times, but thanks to my Eau de Cologne nobody will notice. However, you have to be careful with the liquids in your hand luggagesince each one may only contain a maximum of 100ml and all must be stored in a separate bag. I change the style of my hand luggage every few years, but this season I do not care about Rowallan's expensive leather duffel bag. The shoulder strap is torn, so I have to carry the bag by hand, but that only adds to the pretension of refinement. Recently I started to roll up my clothes to fit more in the bag, and so far everything went well. Of course, my hand luggage weighs more than my suitcase, but I can not let the flight attendants know, because they take away my duffel bag otherwise. That is contrary to the hand luggage guidelines. But at least I can do sports when I stow it in the compartments above the seats.

Kaisa: Select While Packing

In my carry-on luggage one always finds a small zippered pocket with all my (mini) cosmetic mini, because there are strict regulations for liquids in hand luggage - and when I give up my suitcases at the check-in, I also have change clothes and everything else need me in the cabin. The hand luggage of my choice is a small suitcase with four wheels, which I can drag along next to me (as to grind it behind me) - so I can move quickly and neatly at the airport. In order for everything to fit, I have refined the art of picky packing: I only take things that I really need and plan my outfits in advance. Whatever you pack, roll it in to avoid wrinkling and use plastic bags or clothes bags to keep things separate. Remember, to pack an extra plastic bag for laundry (you do not want to mix worn clothes with the rest of your treasures). And always leave some room for shopping - it is unlikely that you will return from a city break without a few new clothes.