5 Relatively Easy Ways to Boost Your Income

With the recession digging in deep, more and more people are looking at ways to supplement their income or make a few extra pounds. For many of us, landing a second job simply is't possible. Luckily there are lots of others way to supplement your income. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Mystery Shopping/Survey Sites

Some people are finding that they can earn some extra money by becoming a mystery shopper. Sometimes this will include visiting a store and sometimes you could be visiting an online retailer. You will be judging your experience of the level of customer service you receive. Expenses are often paid for, although not in advance, so you may have an initial outlay to begin with.

Survey sites are also popular. Taking surveys often accrue you points. You would need to gather a certain amount of points to cash out either to PayPal or receive an Amazon voucher. They say every little helps. This is an easy way to earn a few extra pounds.

Start a Blog

Do you have something unique and interesting to talk about? Many people are using blogs as a way of earning some extra money. A slow starter in seeing the money come in, this adventurous idea can actually be quite lucrative if you can gain a lot of followers. The main revenue will come from Google Adsense, work that you are approached with regarding your blog, or even a Paypal button which asks for donations. A popular venture which should, at the very least, make you some friends.

Sell unwanted items from around your house

It’s time to clean out your closets and think about what you don’t use. The phrase ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ can certainly be said for the items that can be found on sale on local social networking sites. These local ‘selling sites’ are becoming very popular and are searchable via area.

If you don’t fancy selling via a social networking site then a car boot sale is also an option. There are many held across the Country, mainly on weekends. It is important to check costing before you go, as tables and cars are usually charged to host.


Are you able to write an article? Textbroker has just stormed into the UK. Whilst very popular in the United States, the UK version has just found its feet. It is free to open an Author account with no obligations to write an article at all. Once you have submitted your initial article, you are given a rating. This rating (level 2, 3, 4 or 5) will then open a writing pool. The average entry level is level 3. Once you have access to your writing pool, you can choose to write articles from the level you have achieved or below it. All levels have different pay rates and it is important to notice the difference. Pay offs are submitted on a Thursday and are paid via PayPal on a Friday. This site is about to become very popular.

There are many ways to boost your income and become money saving savvy. The opportunities are most certainly there for those who are willing to put in a little hard work. Beware of huge outlay costs and always research a company you are looking at working with.


The success stories regarding these franchises have created a boom of agents looking for a simple way of earning a few extra pounds whilst also creating new friends. There is a small outlay to start off with and you will also need to register as self employed as any earnings are tax deductible. This, however, is a firm favourite with mothers who need to work around their children without having to place them in childcare. Earnings are commission based but you can also earn more by having other agents under your wing and becoming a Sales Leader.