8 options for a stay abroad

You have probably often toyed with the idea of going abroad for a while. A stay abroad not only helps you to learn a foreign language faster, but you also gain important experience for the future. "But how do you get abroad?", You will ask yourself. I have listed some tips here on how students, high school graduates and students can travel safely and cheaply to foreign countries and discover new cultures.

The classic: A language course abroad

You can take a language course in almost all the cool cities around the world - be it London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​New York or Tokyo, it's certainly the perfect destination. Of course, the choice of course location depends on which language you want to learn. You can also determine the length and intensity of the course yourself. If you want to learn a language relaxed during the holidays, it is best to attend classes only a few hours a day. But if you want to pass a language exam, it is worthwhile an intensive course and a longer stay abroad.

For career-oriented: the internship abroad

After completing school or studying, an internship abroad is a good choice. So you not only prove to yourself, but also to your future employer, that you can manage your own business in a foreign country and at the same time gain some work experience. In addition to more confidence and plus points for the application folder, you also collect a lot of experience and make new friends.

The semester abroad: time off from university life

A semester abroad is especially recommended after the first two semesters or the Bachelor's degree. Then you have enough time to settle in at the university and gain the first important knowledge in your degree program. During the semester abroad, you will continue to attend relevant courses for your degree program and get to know university life in another country. In addition, you make friends with local students and immerse yourself in a different culture and way of life.

Live locally: School visits abroad

One of the best ways to go abroad as a student or high school graduate is through a student exchange . Depending on your wishes, you can live in the country of your choice for half a year or even a full year, attend a local school there and, at the same time, easily perfect your language skills. Especially popular exchange destinations are above all the USA and Great Britain, because here not only many exciting cities wait, but also an excellent school system. If you want to go abroad for a longer period, then there are international boarding schoolsabroad, however, just the right thing for you. Again, you can immerse yourself in the authentic life of a foreign country, improve your language skills and even get an internationally recognized degree, such as the IB or A-level.

Dive into family life as an au pair

Many young women prefer to move abroad as an Au Pair. They live there with a host family and look after the children. The prerequisite is that you are between 18-26 years old and can prove that you already worked as a babysitter or in a kindergarten. Even young men can apply, but most au pairs are female. An au pair stay can make a lot of sense if you want to work later as an educator, teacher or social worker. But it is also a good opportunity to go abroad for a longer period of time when you are short of money, because as an au pair you will be lodged and you will receive a pocket money.

For the more adventurous: Work & Travel

If you're more adventurous, Work & Travel is for you! You go with a little luggage in a foreign country and live there, for example, in a youth hostel or in a mobile home. In the meantime, you work as a farm helper, office assistant, cashier, waiter or in the call center. If you do not feel like staying in one place, you just travel on and discover even more of your travel destination. Work & Travel may be the most arduous way to go abroad, but also the one where you enjoy the most freedom.

The mini-stay abroad: Summer Schools

Summer Schools are a great way to get a taste of the student life of another university or even a college abroad during the summer holidays and meet students from other universities. The concept comes from the USA, but is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Students and professors meet during semester breaks at a university to discuss a specific topic. In addition to seminars, excursions are also usually on the program.

Volunteering - helping others

Many institutions are always looking for volunteers who spend a while abroad for charitable purposes . It is thus possible, for example, to support animal welfare in Spain or to assist the protégés in an African SOS Children's Village. Or you help environmental organizations clean the streets in a Latin American country. There are a variety of social institutions that would be very happy about your commitment.

So you see, there are many options open to you when it pulls you into the distance. What is right for you, but only you can decide!