8 tips on how to grow through travel

Travel is great, if not always glamorous: it may be his that you return home without a wallet or with food poisoning. Nevertheless, you will gain many unforgettable experiences and grow as a person.

Here are my 8 tips on how to grow through travel:


Travel will test your limits. It may be that your train will be late or even fail, and after spending longer in the queue at the Louvre, you may feel as if you have aged 5 years. But with both you will learn one thing: patience. No matter if you like it or not!

Culture shock

Yes, it can happen that you get a culture shock. However, it does not meet everyone and not equally strong. In 2006, the BBC reported that 12 Japanese tourists were suffering from Paris syndrome. Apparently the tourists were disillusioned when confronted with reality and their romantic ideas of Paris vanished into thin air. What, there are actually homeless, strikes and sweat smell in the subway in Paris?


Testing the Relationship Whether you are traveling with a friend, partner or dog, the relationship will definitely be put to the test. Travel can be stressful and everyone reacts differently. That's the key moment: Either the relationship is strengthened or it's all over.


If you travel alone, you are surrounded by many strangers and make friends in the most unusual places: in hostels, taxis or the doner kebab. Take care! Maybe your new acquaintances will become friends for life.

Change the perspective

Maybe you had a certain idea, attitude to life or a special cultural background. Time to leave all this behind and change your point of view! But maybe your attitude will be strengthened and you will get to know each other better. No matter what happens, the result is the same: you will develop yourself personally!


The only constant is change - that applies to life, but above all to traveling. Remember, when an Icelandic volcano erupts and confuses your flight plans for weeks (yes, I'm talking about Eyjafjallajökull!). The better you prepare, the better you are prepared for sudden changes. Sometimes, all that remains is to stay calm and accept things.

Lightweight luggage

Think about what you really need! If your flat iron explodes because the voltage is too high for the outlet, you may realize that you do not need it. Just show your wild side and wear lion's mane!


To appreciate things It means that you only appreciate things when they are no longer there. That's so true! If you leave your beloved items for a while, you will appreciate them all the more on your return. This also applies to your straightener! Even if travel does not change you overnight or turns you into another person, you will still grow. The more you travel, the more you will develop and learn about yourself. The conclusion: never stop exploring the world!