Amsterdam the paradise of the bag

Amsterdam is home to many of the bags, squeeze, for beauty and subtlety in its history. Step into the high, elegant home overlooking one of the canals in the city, you will find a collection of stuff that people always an up yourself in the end third, decide your costume will stand out or become so normal: hand bags.

Releases, you can find a handbag made from a tatou with faces and feet, or the beginning of a of a newspaper, and finally both from Toad, exhibited along with a matching pair of shoes. You would have to wonder how his outfit should interface with them here. But that's not all: there's also more eel, ostriches, zebras, horses, sharks and lizards in "herd animal accessories".

However, the works on display does not seem ridiculous. They are very beautiful, the bag is embroidered with delicate, there were knitted from the tiny glass beads, or some aircraft made from silver. Of course both the bag of great designers-Prada, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Lacroix, YSL-luxury and discreet. The green bag usually spring Versace of Madonna from the premiere movie "Evita" was also present, along with the bag of Imelda Marcos.
Although you can just wander and see the pond, but it is interesting to also explore the history of the bag here, the development of the them from the first incarnation is a simple fabric bag hanging in the waist at the time before the Pocket was invented until the advent of cell phone covers , and to now be fussy decorations with Swarovski Crystal.

The Museum is a passion or obsession for each person. Remember to win enough time to see and feel the beauty of the bag when you have the opportunity to visit!
Paris, one of the most charming tourist cities in the world but also real expensive. How to discover this city in a way save for? Paris has a lot of free attractions for the people, just to note a bit is that you can arrange an interesting journey without costing any money! Please tell your destinations in the light.

The usual fare is from 11 to 15 euros but if you come to the Louvre on the first Sunday of every month between October and March or July 14 (French national day) then you will be totally free of admission. In addition, it is also the destination for free for all the guests under 18 years of age, disabled guests and people take the help, art teacher, art history as well as art application (certified).

Interesting Park by Haussmann designed is located on a hill in the 19th district, the Botzaris. Here, you can mix with the wonderful nature because the Park is one of the largest green spaces in Paris, an area of up to 25 hectares including lakes, streams, waterfalls and an island. This is the stops are many Parisians, tourists can see Paris from the towers in the Park and it is one of the most romantic places for you to admire Paris.

In the 20th district, this cemetery is where the body's retention of those celebrities such as Pissarro (painter), Bizet (composer), Balzac, Isadora Duncan (writer) (ballet dancer), Oscar Wilde (writer) and Jim Morrison (the leader of the legendary rock group The Doors). Père-Lachaise is located on one of the seven ancient hills in Paris and was named in honor of Father La Chaise, confessor of King Louis XIV, who lived in this region.

Père Lachaise was opened in 1804, the first person to be buried here is a year old Adélaïde name Pailliard de Villeneuve. During the past two hundred years, up to tens of people life and their names attached to France have chosen this place to do rest in place. This is the cemetery was visited by many people in the world and the people of Paris called "Park of the dead".
The graves here are rich in architecture from a simple stone to the meticulously sculpted towers even as the small Cathedral.

A visit to Pere Lachaise isn't just a romantic picnic in the park with the brilliant yellow sun flower blooms, race the hills but also the memory of a once great personalities of the world, who have contributed much to the cultural achievements of humanity.