Automation for AWS from Puppet

Automation specialist Puppet introduces AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise . This tool automates processes in the cloud with a Puppet Master. For this fully managed Puppet Master, the US company has worked with the cloud provider. With this new solution, users can fully automate their cloud landscape.

This allows cloud migrations to AWS to be implemented faster, while ensuring security and compliance. Anyone who wants to map large and complex landscapes in the cloud can not do without an automation strategy. With the new OpsWork, users can not only manage and scale their own landscape, but also implement DevOps practices.

A Puppet Master is a server that provides, configures and manages the different Puppet Nodes. New nodes can be deployed automatically and are integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management Instances. The service ensures automated patching, update and backup of the Puppet Masters and ensures continuous operation even during scheduled updates.

Auto Scaling allows new nodes to be automatically registered and provisoned. If users now want to unlock additional power in the cloud, the Puppet Master ensures that they are properly configured. With the new service, users no longer need to maintain their own instances of Puppet Enterprise, allowing them to leverage existing configurations in the cloud as well.

“Mit der Verfügbarkeit von AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise steht den Kunden nun ein vollständig verwalteter AWS-Service zur Verfügung, mit dem sie Amazon EC2-Instanzen und lokale Server mit Puppet konfigurieren können”, kommentiert Scott Wiltamuth, Vice President of AWS Developer and Management Tools bei AWS. “AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise ist kompatibel mit den Inhalten und Tools der Puppet-Community und vollständig in AWS integriert. Die Unterstützung für automatisierte Backups und Software-Updates versetzt Kunden in die Lage, mit Leichtigkeit eine starke Sicherheitslage aufrechtzuerhalten und so mehr Zeit für wichtigere Aufgaben und Automatisierungsprojekte zu gewinnen.“

In a survey of users, Puppet has established in a study a correlation between corporate success and the degree of automation of the organization's IT.