Changing how you shop for groceries

Changing the way you shop on a day to day basis can help increase your savings massively. Your shopping habits say a lot about you as a person, for example supermarket snobs who only use Waitrose or Marks & Spencer because nothing else is good enough WRONG!

Supermarkets all have their pro’s and con’s so you should be using a variety of them to make sure you are getting the most value for money. Whether it is a budget supermarket (who by the way, have some of the most delicious deli meats!) or a local corner shop that just happens to be having a special offer on coffee. So how can you make the most of your money?

Well, firstly shop around! It doesn’t pay anymore to be loyal to one supermarket for your whole shop. Yes, sometimes it’s easier that having to go to two different stores, but if you think and plan ahead, then you should be able to manage it just fine. Check online price comparison sites for the main items that you buy, and also have a look at the prices of the stores own brand alternatives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with own brand items – in fact, most are just as good as the real brand, if not better.  Also, if you sign up for email updates from your favourite manufacturers you can sometimes be sent money off vouchers which can also help reduce the cost! But it’s not just as simple as that. Sometimes there are some really good offers which you know are not going to be back for a while – and if it’s a product that you buy a lot of, then it makes sense to buy a few extra whilst they are at a reduced price (depending on how much money you have to spend, and the space that you have at home) – Supermarkets make it really easy to see if you are getting the best value for money – on the label with the price it also gives you a cost per amount, for example “£0.20/100g” so even though the overall price of the item your buying is the cheapest, sometimes it can work out cheaper to buy in a larger quantity because the price vs. weight is lower.

I know one thing that I always had a problem with was impulse buying. Filling my trolley or basket with useless crap that I really didn’t need was a day to day occurrence. Through sheer will power I have managed to overcome that, but some people may struggle to do that and need a little bit of an extra push. One way of doing this is by doing your grocery shopping online – then there’s no shop displays to tempt you. No big “Special Offer” signs to draw you in. You can just simply do the shopping that you need to, and that’s it. It’s simply delivered to your door. No problems with additional spending there then.

The last thing that I’ve found is that I can actually manage to get fresher fruit and vegetable, at a lower cost from my local markets! The produce is always delicious, and you can always barter with the man or woman to give you an even better deal when you are buying a lot from them.