Chicago in winter: 5 things you should do

Chicago radiates a certain cultural coolness throughout the year, capturing the spirit of the Midwestern United States. From tall skyscrapers to stuffed pizzas and comedy clubs, not even the winter cold can stop the "Windy City" (as Chicago is also called). So grab your scarf and mittens and head for the journey through the white winter wonderland

Visit the Homestead Restaurant

Discover Chicago from the top of the terrace of this restaurant - complete with warm cocktails, crackling log fires, and twinkling lights.

Skate in the Millennium Park

Ice skating in Millennium Park is simply the best when it's snowing outside! If you are an early riser, you should go to the park on Sunday morning, as there are free lessons.

Discover the Field Museum

Follow this iconic museum , which not only exhibits bat caves from Kenya, but also many contemporary modern art works.

Laugh at a Comedy Show

Nothing warms the soul in the winter as much as laughing. So head to one of the city's most famous comedy clubs, such as the ComedySportz Theater or Lincoln Lodge , and enjoy the evening.

Cheer for a hockey game

Fire the Chicago Blackhawks at a home game. Also an insider tip: Do not miss out on buying a piece of the famous stuffed pizza before the game is over.