Coffee Cult: 5 of the best cafes in Berlin

Sophisticated, hip cafes can be found in Berlin on every corner. This is mainly due to the young and relaxed atmosphere that made Berlin a Mecca for those who want to open a café and offer the busy Berliners delicious coffee and delicious snacks. No wonder that you have so much choice in the German capital as probably nowhere else in the world!

During a stay in Berlin you usually spend a lot of time walking or cycling (the city is huge!) And exploring the different parts of the city in East and West - from trendy Prenzlauer Berg to the commercial center Berlin Mitte. For energy and food, we strongly recommend stopping at least one pit stop in one of these beautiful cafés. Many of them are also open in the evenings. So you can just linger a little longer in your favorite café and have a light dinner next to a drink before returning the next morning for a pick-me-up.

Here is our list of the five best cafes in Berlin

Café fleury

The Cafe Fleury is arguably the city's cutest and cosiest café, adding a touch of French chic to the laid-back neighborhood of Mitte. The service is friendly, the prices reasonable, the coffee good and in addition to the fantastic lunch (we recommend the quiche) are a few irresistible sweet delights (for the price of only 0.70 euros!) Offered. It is open from the early hours of the morning until late in the evening and is as inviting for an evening drink as it is for morning coffee. If you take a seat outside, you can let yourself be sprinkled with life in the middle ...

District coffee

Also in Mitte, the district presents itself beautifully minimalist. The coffee here is one of the best in the city and the breakfast is absolutely fantastic (muesli, pancakes, avocado toast, eggs - you're really spoiled for choice!). Everything is beautifully presented, is absolutely delicious and the price is right. Someone who is sensitive to caffeine should ask for a not-so-strong coffee, as the coffee is usually served very strong here.


Many voices say that here is the best coffee in Berlin. Bonanza is a cozy, rustic place where people who take the coffee business very, very seriously. That's why true coffee lovers should not miss this cafe! Bonanza is located near the Mauerpark in Mitte. If you visit the café in the summer (especially on a Sunday), you should then go over to the park and listen to people singing in front of a huge crowd of people in Berlin. Maybe you have enough self-confidence and also give a song to the best.


The Kashk , which opened in Mitte not so long ago , presents itself in a very hip and Nordic style . A wonderful hideaway by day, which will be even more attractive in the evenings, when the over-18s among us can enjoy their freshly tapped beer. Also for working or learning you are in good hands here: The coffee is cheap, the Wi-Fi access for free and the location just awesome.

Concierge coffee

This insider's tip is located a little further south of the city. So tiny, that you hardly fit in with much rush (the café is only 15 m²!). The conciergeserves fantastic coffee in a unique setting, along with nice treats. Because the cafe is still new, you can easily impress a local by presenting your insider tip. Chances are, he's never heard of it before! Our recommendation: Milk coffee along with a piece of the famous apple pie that is served there.