Colosseum masterpiece the school existed at the same time

European tour today takes you to shape a country-Italy and admire the beauty of their existed over the years field of the mighty Colosseum, ancient Colosseum.

Facilitation from the idea of the Emperor Vespasian, began to be constructed in 80 AD under Titus and Domitian, the Roman Empire to complete. Located between the hills of the Esquiline and Caelian Hill Colosseum was built on a beach by land and are viewed as the first permanent arena to be built in Rome.
If the view from on high down to the Colosseum as a giant ellipse is also the sequence of steps in it. The launch of this ladder is the seat for 50000 people, the number of people for a "Stadium". But you have to go into the new arena sees the magnificent and astonishing impression features of this architecture. Right below the wooden floor of the arena was a fish room Chamber system interlaced, which the beast and all the weapon serves for these ancient bloody duel. 80 walls radiating from the central area made up the walkways, stairs and seating for khan. At the same time also take 80 to help for the spectators to come and go easily and more convenient. According to the initial version, Colosseo 48 m tall (four floors), 189 m length and width 156 m

The ancient Romans are enjoying the performances of this bloody free, which was viewed as a reward for those who have participated in the big party of the upper classes and the celebrities. This is also the form of help to the Emperor and aristocracy would like to draw the attention of the public when needed. And on the whole this is an entertaining way to help people forget about the serious problems in this short life.
The first period, the fight at the arena held on behalf of the gods because it was viewed as a religious ritual extremely sacred, so that every war must also abide by the law and regulations. But on the latter because seeing that can profit from this bloody war for the Emperor and the elite have gradually lost its sanctity.

Colosseum birth has proved an extremely obvious features of the ancient Romans. They like the massive, monumental and extremely pragmatic brain, these structures are on the talent rather than the stroke on harmony with the surrounding environment or the flashy exterior. Also so that the massive, magnificent, great alternative to the beauty of romance, poetry or subtle ones that we often see in the other works.

On the other hand also possible this is how they prove their wealth, and the way the power of yourself with other peoples, especially the peoples have been subjugated them. If a closer attention to the history of ancient Rome we can find them professional people go to war, with the non-stop journey to war with the smaller peoples should this have eaten beads into the subconscious and the lifestyle of people here. Hence the bloody entertainment at the ?áu School of the Colosseum back changed and they especially enjoy. Also because the Colosseum works not only built up to serve the needs of this entertaining but also how the ancient Romans flaunt his power itself.
Over time, along with the destruction of nature and human, in the XVIII century, 2/3 of the arena collapsed due to a strong earthquake. In 1874, the Italian tourism industry has had a large prison infection. Since then, it still is the masterpiece of the art of human kind, treasures of the cultural treasures of mankind. Because, not only carrying the historical value of the arena are also underlying the inherent artistic value, this attracts the art search to it, this work also has great historical significance-marking a period of flourishing, the splendor of the Roman Empire.