Daytrip: 2 hours in Bath

Natural hot springs? Check off. Impressive stone buildings, from the stone surrounding fractures? Check off. Majestic structures that inspired novelist jane austen to write "pride and prejudice"? Definitely tick off. If it's a piece of old british charm you're looking for, then bath is a hit in every way. Located in the heart of the english southwest, it is an oasis of antiquated nobility and can be reached from london's paddington station in just two hours by direct train. It is only a short bus ride away from the bustle of bristol. Two hours may seem too short to visit bath, but if you're smart, time is enough to catch the best of what this impressive city has to offer.

Top attraction no.1- the roman baths
the most famous attraction of the city are these ancient geothermal places of relaxation, which were already used by the romans. In fact, the water looks relatively dirty and you would not want to bathe in it today, but the baths are among the best preserved in the world. Make plenty of photos! But please do not fall into it. Seriously, that would be disgusting.

Top attraction no. 2 - royal crescent
probably one of the finest examples of georgian architecture in the uk. These elegant semi-circular townhouses radiate sophistication. Take a walk through the park at the foot of the terrace and enjoy the view of the city. Get an idea of ​​what the life of a wealthy 18th-century family might look like with a visit to the royal crescent # 1. Pack tea and biscuits for a picnic on the lawn and you'll feel like you're part of the british nobility.

Top attraction no. 3 - the circus
if your craving for architecture is not satisfied, follow the road east of the royal crescent to get to the circus. This circle of towering houses of imposing height is home to a pretty garden where the georgian maid once walked in the sunshine, probably fanning herself with one hand and carrying a small dog with the other. Obviously, the design of "the circus" was inspired by the roman colosseum, which is due to the fact that the architecture of the 18th century was characterized by cultural diversity.

Top attraction no.4 - royal victoria park
with the multitude of sophisticated terraced houses and luxurious greenery in the heart of the city that resembled a miniature version of london's hyde park, bath must have felt like a parable of the capital in its heyday. Visit royal victoria park for a walk around the duck pond or enjoy the tranquility of the botanical garden. On the adventure playground, you can then let the child run free in you.

Top attraction no.5 - milsom street and the city center
despite the variety of modern shops, bath's main street retains its unique nostalgic charm. Pick up a snack and stroll down the old arcades and shops reminiscent of harry potter - but do not expect to be able to find wands or other magical items, because they do not actually exist (as far as we know). Do not miss the pulteney bridge and the beautiful riverside parade gardens on your way.

Top attraction # 6 - southgate
with a visit to southgate - bath's newest shopping center - you'll make your sightseeing trip the icing on the cake. High-end highlights line up, including urban outfitters, superdry, apple, allsaints, hollister and more. Of course, the physical well-being in abundance provided.

The two hours are over, but bath is definitely worth a visit - especially to live your dream and feel like a cultivated british aristocrat of 200 years ago. A costume according to the era is optional.