Dell makes PowerEdge servers available with AMD EPYC

The Dell PowerEdge single- and two-way servers with AMD's EPYC processor are said to be up to 20 percent cheaper in operation and deliver about a quarter more HPC performance.

Dell EMC introduces three new PowerEdge servers with one or two AMD EPYC 7000 series processors . These are the first Dell enterprise servers to be released with the EPYC processor from AMD. At the same time, Dell EMC also offers these servers for the first time in China. The Dell EMC PowerEdge R6415, R7415 and R7425 with AMD EPYC are now available worldwide.

The EPYC could be dangerous for Intel's Xeon, especially in the entry-level segment. One-way servers with a processor socket currently account for about 90 percent of the total server market and 65 percent of them fall into the category below $ 2500. Since usually no critical processes are running on such systems, the users are also particularly price sensitive.

And here AMD's new server chip can also shine with good values: The single-socket configurations of the PowerEdge R6415 and R7415 provide good performance for high-performance and multithreaded workloads, each with 32-processor cores. Compared to a four-node VSAN-ready configuration, the single-socket systems should enable a 20 percent better total cost of ownership.

But even in the $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 price range, AMD-based systems deliver more per-dollar performance than competing systems on Intel Xeon. The performance advantage of the AMD systems is between 29 and 74 percent. In addition, with EPYC systems, users get more scalability, more expansion capabilities, and more memory and bandwidth than Intel can offer for the same price.

"We show our AMD EPYC processors in the latest generation of Dell EMC 14G PowerEdge servers. The AMD EPYC processors deliver performance and reliability coupled with innovative configuration, I / O, and various security features, "commented Forrest Norrod, AMD Senior Vice President and General Manager, Database and Embedded Solutions. So Dell can offer single-socket servers that can meet the needs of many users for a low price. Workloads include AMD virtualization, hybrid cloud applications, software-defined storage, CAD / CAM and other high memory and I / O applications.

The PowerEdge R6415 is optimized for edge computing. The server can be combined into up to 32 cores and supports up to 2 TB of memory and up to 10 NVMe drives and 128 PCIe lanes. Deployments with VMware vSAN and ScaleIO-Ready nodes can be implemented quickly, according to AMD.

The PowerEdge R7415 is a system with two height units and a slot. This model also supports up to 32 Zen cores, 2TB of memory and 128 PCIe lanes. However, this model provides support for up to 24 NVMe drives.

The PowerEdge R7425 is primarily aimed at high-performance computing and data analytics. Up to 64-processor cores support up to 4 TB of memory and up to 24 NVMe drives and 128 PCIe lanes.