Digitization requires modernization of data centers

In any case, if you want to drive the digitization of your business, be sure to check your data center for efficiency and flexibility. A recent study by IDC has found that many companies have significant IT infrastructure modernization needs.

Experts and IT consultants agree that a modern IT infrastructure is one of the most important prerequisites for the digital transformation of companies. And that also requires a repositioning of the data center in enterprise service delivery. Using technologies such as Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), hyper-converged solutions and cloud platforms, data centers can be made ready for digitization .

The consulting firm IDC has investigated in the current study "Next Generation Data Center in Germany 2018" which opportunities and challenges result from holistic solutions in the data center . In October 2017, 205 IT decision-makers from companies and organizations with more than 500 employees were surveyed for this purpose.

A majority of 73 percent of respondents see the need to streamline their data centers. Despite heavy investments in data centers in recent years, IDC's consultants are convinced that the time-to-market for delivering IT resources is still too long and is driving down the evolution of business models within the digital transformation framework ,

Companies are therefore now required to fundamentally revise their IT infrastructure and IT architecture. The goal is to build a next-generation data center. These include complete virtualization of servers, storage and networking, the use of software-defined infrastructure , containers, converged and hyper-converged solutions, and future composable IT. In addition, a Next Generation Datacenter enables the integration of internal IT environments and external IT and business resources, including cloud platforms, multi-clouds, colocation services and business networks, into a unified business delivery platform.

IT infrastructure of companies often inefficient, expensive and uncertain

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of IT resources is high on the agenda for 37 percent of respondents. Thus, the IT decision makers recognize that the success of a digitization strategy depends in particular on the performance of the IT infrastructure. Because data center operations are often too expensive, 34 percent of respondents want to realize cost savings. First of all, high investments in a next generation data center are required; in the medium term, automation reduces maintenance and manual activities.

By using multi-cloud environments and colocation services there is another advantage: spending is gradually shifting away from CAPEX to OPEX. At the same time, thanks to modern infrastructure and automated processes, IT operations will be safer and less prone to failure. The importance of these issues is illustrated by the fact that 78 percent of respondents in the past 12 months have experienced service outages or restrictions due to technology failure, bad decisions or hacker attacks.