Do you have 24 hours left for London?

With more than eight million people in the way, it's probably one of the most exciting and busy cities when the clock is ticking. Nevertheless, the city is one of the best in the world and deserves this reputation: In this unique cultural melting pot, there are almost as many sights as inhabitants. After intensive research and testing (largely culinary nature, of course), I have put together a travel program that contains both the most important sights as well as insider tips and gives you the feeling of being a tourist and local at the same time.

9:00 am: breakfast club breakfast
Go under the early birds and prepare for delicacies in a restaurant that you should not miss out on. This place was inspired by the legendary film of the same name from 1980. Studying the card makes you feel like an American diner and my favorite dish is All American: a huge (and delicious) portion of eggs, bacon, fries, sausages and pancakes. Watch while you eat on the fridge. This is actually a secret door to the exclusive bar in the basement of the restaurant. No kidding!

10:30: spitalfields market
Just around the corner from the Breakfast Club, in the shadow of the skyscrapers of London's financial district, is the famed Spitalfields Market. Treat yourself to a few treats on a journey through the craft and craft shops (as usual, i've tasted the most, I recommend anything that reminds you of a chocolate brownie!).

12:00: into the hyde park! (or oxford street!)
If you are still in the shopping mood, you should choose Oxford Street as your next stop. The road on which one can spend hours in a seemingly endless number of shops has its world fame rightly. If you like it a little quieter, follow Oxford Street to its western end, where you'll meet Marble Arch and the entrance to Hyde Park. A selection of highlights at Hyde Park: The Serpentine Boating Lake, Ornamental Gardens, large woodlands, and a cottage that could have sprung straight out of a Harry Potter novel.

14:00: the chic south bank
Leave the Jubilee line at Waterloo station - now you're in the South Bank. Feel ultra-cultivated and indulge in the artistic side of the Tate Modern. Watch a movie on the oversized screen in the BFI IMAX, get scared in the London Dungeon and feel the story at the William Shakespeare's Globe Theater. A lunch at the Gourmet Pizza Company in quirky-sweet Gabriel's Wharf will tackle your hunger.

17:00: national cultural
Yes, I realize that it's a cliché. Still, if you're already in London, make a stop at Buckingham Palace and Big Ben - just to say you've been there. Opposite the South Bank are Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, with the London Eye in the background - perfect for populating all social networks with photos. Walk through St. James Park and take a selfie in front of the magnificent fountain at the foot of Buckingham Palace.

19:00: dinner with flamingos
No joke. Reserve a table at Babylon on Kensington High Street and choose one of the refined dining options as your fluffy pink birdfriends strut their way through the pond at your feet. And by "at your feet" I mean the gardens that stretch at a breathtaking height over the sixth floor. From trees over grass and water everything is available! You have to see that to believe it.

21:00: west end by night
London's nightlife is best enjoyed by strolling through the bustling West End. Because the West End is home to places like Trafalgar Square, Chinatown, Leicester Square, Soho, and many more, it's the place most people associate with London in their imagination. Soak up the bright lights, the eclectic attractions and the unforgettable atmosphere of this city. Regardless of age and appetite, enjoy the opportunity to visit shops and cafés late into the night.