Don't be left out of pocket due to medical negligence

Victims of medical malpractice cases have many burdens to bear, from the devastating physical defects and damages that occur as the direct result of the medical error to the psychological and emotional turmoil that come with having to face these everyday physical obstacles.

But perhaps one of the biggest uncertainties that victims and their families face immediately after the error occurs is coming up with the finances to foot the victim’s medical bills and specialty care costs. Depending on the circumstances, receiving top-notch care can leave a victim with medical bills tallying into the millions of pounds over the course of their lifetime, a number that would easily leave the average person bankrupt. Even for claimants who are ultimately successful in gaining compensation, the legal process can take years to work through, putting a financial strain on the victim and their family until the case is resolved in court.

Financial Security for Medical Negligence Victims

Taking legal action is the best way to ensure that medical negligence victims receive the quality care they deserve without having to pay out of pocket. Successful claimants are awarded compensation for special damages—which generally include medical bills, nursing care costs, the costs of adapting your home, the costs of any equipment you need to carry out everyday functions, lost earnings, etc.—and general damages, which generally include the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity you will endure over the course of your lifetime.

Pursuing a claim can be a long and tedious process, one best handled by experienced medical negligence lawyers with a proven track history of pursuing—and winning—clinical negligence cases. In order to prevent victims from being left with an even greater financial burden, expert solicitors may help you find public, trade union, or applicable insurance funding, or take on your case on a conditional fee agreement so that you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront.

Case Studies

While the cost of a medical blunder and its effect on a victim’s life can never truly be calculated, the award money from a clinical negligence claim can be used to give a victim and their family financial security and increased peace of mind. Just last month, Clare Scott was awarded £7.1 on behalf of her 14-year-old son, Charlie, who was starved of oxygen at birth as a result of medical negligence and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ms. Scott fought for compensation for the majority of Charlie’s life, but the health centre in which she gave birth denied liability for Charlie’s devastating brain damages. It is important to note here that the teenager requires constant care and attention, and Ms. Scott told The Telegraph that the award money will be used, in part, to buy specialist equipment that the family could not have otherwise afforded.

Another successful claimant is Cristina Malcolm, who was misdiagnosed with a virus back in 2002, when in fact she was actually suffering from a brain haemorrhage. After her second haemorrhage and subsequent surgery to remove half a litre of blood from her brain, Mrs. Malcolm was left permanently brain damaged, with a memory that lasts no longer than 10 minutes. She received a £4 million payout as a result of the blunder, compensation that will undoubtedly assist her husband, Sandy, in providing her with the round-the-clock medical care she requires for the rest of her life.