Security technology of virtual host Agent was approved for license of invention

A license of the invention has been issued Kaspersky for the protection system of the virtual host. this method includes a frenzied virtual host for security and light-weight Agent technology is provided in every virtual host within the same system. This technology is incredibly valuable at the current for cloud computing server supplier at the current within the context of hackers area unit a lot of and their attack technique is advanced.

The new LA technology has been approved for a license by native brands and patents of the USA and it’s the technology that's delineated by the artificer to shield all the side and forestall at its best dangerous attacks from hackers while not limiting performance and operability of virtual host within the zone. within this technology, the middle may be a virtual host equipped a high-security module and its responsibility is to undertake activities to shield the protection of the virtual server on an equivalent system. It applies AN approach to protective info exchange between hyper visor – agnostic server and LA technology. which implies the system solely permits and accepts all the information packages that are sent to the most security module to perform implementing the protection and handling of the orders of center security host and it will mechanically perform activities like deleting or fixing just in case the sent file isn't safe. this can be the one issue that previous server security technologies cannot perform like agentless technology.

Currently, within the in virtualized environments of hosts, every virtual host is simply provided precisely variety of necessary Ram or C.P.U. for operation then if we will optimize victimisation the resource on every virtual host then we will increase the amount of virtual ones that was created from a physical server unit. So, within the standards of security at the current, it'd be nice if security technology takes as less resource as doable and for the old-style security systems at the current, every virtual server should bear its own extra security tasks then the resources are consumed such a lot and therefore the new technology named LA can facilitate North American country to resolve such several issues a lot of totally.