Digitization requires modernization of data centers

In any case, if you want to drive the digitization of your business, be sure to check your data center for efficiency and flexibility. A recent study by IDC has found that many companies have significant IT infrastructure modernization needs.

Digital transformation in the workplace

There is also a lot going on in providing the workplace of the future. Michael Kelch from ASG Technologies summarizes in a guest article what needs to be considered from the data protection point of view.

Dell plans VMware acquisition or IPO

In a reverse merger, Dell would let take over from VMware, as emerges from a compulsory release to the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC.

Dell makes PowerEdge servers available with AMD EPYC

The Dell PowerEdge single- and two-way servers with AMD's EPYC processor are said to be up to 20 percent cheaper in operation and deliver about a quarter more HPC performance.

Data management determines the IT Charter in 2019

Veritas has found in a 2017 study that around 69 percent of German companies surveyed incorrectly assume that cloud service providers are responsible for data security, privacy and compliance of data in the cloud. This error combined with the prevailing Wild West mentality in the adaptation of multi-cloud concepts increases the risk of data leakage and rule violations.

Cloud boosts server revenue

In the third quarter of this year, both sales and volumes of server sales worldwide are increasing. In particular, investments in infrastructure development for cloud and hybrid cloud implementations are making Gartner analysts responsible for this development.

Bundestrojaner now also peeks out WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram

The Federal Office of Criminal Investigation also spies on encrypted communication with smartphones, which takes place via messengers such as WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram. As WDR, NDR and the Süddeutsche Zeitung learned from security circles , a Trojan software for the monitoring of mobile phones is already in use. The BKA did not deny the presence of the spyware - but refused for "tactical tactical reasons" information on whether and how often it was secretly transferred to the devices of users.

10 tips on how to become a better travel photographer

"a camera is a save button for the mind's eye."

Botnet for cryptomining formed with NSA exploit

The EternalBlue botnet preferably affects Windows Server and should already contain more than 500,000 systems.

Blockchain is supposed to make Microsoft Authenticator more secure

"Decentralized Digital Identities" Microsoft calls a new project for federated digital identities. The biggest problem seems to be the scalability of Blockchain. Microsoft Authenticator should soon get a test run.