Things you may not know about the statue of liberty

Mentioning the statue of Freedom must also think right to the United States and the world's leading city of New York. But those who know his native born American icon again to France. European tour along with Mix Tourist today will you learn a bit about the statue of liberty and the fun things revolve around this venerable gods.

The father of the goddess of Liberty statue is French talented sculptor named Auguste Bartholdi, with inspiration from the image of a brave young girl hands high jam torch is burning, not afraid to kick the enemy guns or rough front, shouted "go" stormed toward the enemy in 1851 , at the time of the coup to overthrow Napoleon III second coming in the period, the most drastic go neutral.

In 1875, the people of France established an organization to call on, donations for the construction of the statue. Not long after that, the American people also founded an organization to build platform places. The statue was built with the desire here is the gift of meaning that the people of France for an American occasion his rounded 100 years national day (04/07/1976). However due to some difficulties and problems arising should forever 8 years after the statue was completed.

There is a more interesting during the sculptor Bartholdi embryo out of his life to work as her Jeanne is the woman that Bartholdi suggested to model for the statue after meeting her in a gala and decorum, this lady's beautiful after this was the wife of this talented sculptors. In the process of doing the real fun is the two of them were in love with each other and the world is a wedding. But one thing still more interesting is the goddess Bartholdi retrieved from his wife also faces then he borrowed from his mother. In 1869 a drafting completed, construction started in 1974 in France and after 9 years, it completed. On 4/7/1884 statue commemorate the completion ceremony was held in Paris on 6 July 1884, the French Government hands given this gift to the Ambassador.
Stands the statue of was started on 5/8/1874. Then one must remove the statue out as many new parts can be transported. Statue was in 214 crates arrow over the row under the system of the American ships returned to New York in June 1885. G. Eiffel who is considered the father of the Eiffel Tower (you can see through the finish "16 interesting things about the Eiffel Tower know" to more clearly) that he was the person who designed the shelving in the statues, it's downright sophisticated vf complex. All installation costs were donated by the American people.

Four months later the news was accurate as of October 18, 1886, the statue of tanker docked New York people welcome statue in a solemn manner, after the canopy covering the statue was pulled down Prime Minister personally United States Cleveland stated: "... Today is the day to remember the Freedom, justice, Charity, fraternity and everyone recalled to those who sacrificed for freedom ".

The real thing that very few people know to be right , we also once had a statue of Liberty make in France 100% hand-molded by Bartholdi. But because it did not reasonably should the goddess was transferred back to the flower garden south entrance near City of Cotton Goods. This place used to be the place where the King's Decree, announced it also explains 10 things Smart's coaching network, station or known or a Family United.

The statue stood here nearly half a century and has also witnessed how the ups and downs . But ancient gift that is today someone who also yearn to be once this is a population we call with the name of a people is the "statue of her intermittent sweep", there is also an ancient landscape that changes that impact should be a few nostalgic poets, such as :

March 1945 the Japanese main island of France. On 1/8/1945 the statue of was deposed. This time the blacksmith who Five Dormitories are intended to cast a statue of Amitabha, the largest because no material so when seeing the goddess is rolling ground they brought about frequent.

Not just to America you can see the statue of liberty, now there are many versions of objects scattered around the world, you only need to travel to France only such you can already see the 15 version of the statue on this country.
Also there are plenty of interesting things around us. The land tour Europe cleaning daanxddang hesitation pick you, the same Mix Tourist exploring the colourful life around us.