Dream vacation for little money: 7 tips

There is a common misconception among would-be jet-setters that traveling around the world is impossible unless you have an unlimited credit card limit (and someone who will pay you off!). Fortunately, that is not true. Certainly, traveling costs money, but there are plenty of ways to save the wallet. Here are our 7 best tips on how to plan a dream vacation with little money in your pocket.

Daytrip: 2 hours in Bath

Natural hot springs? Check off. Impressive stone buildings, from the stone surrounding fractures? Check off. Majestic structures that inspired novelist jane austen to write "pride and prejudice"? Definitely tick off. If it's a piece of old british charm you're looking for, then bath is a hit in every way. Located in the heart of the english southwest, it is an oasis of antiquated nobility and can be reached from london's paddington station in just two hours by direct train. It is only a short bus ride away from the bustle of bristol. Two hours may seem too short to visit bath, but if you're smart, time is enough to catch the best of what this impressive city has to offer.

Coffee Cult: 5 of the best cafes in Berlin

Sophisticated, hip cafes can be found in Berlin on every corner. This is mainly due to the young and relaxed atmosphere that made Berlin a Mecca for those who want to open a café and offer the busy Berliners delicious coffee and delicious snacks. No wonder that you have so much choice in the German capital as probably nowhere else in the world!

Chicago in winter: 5 things you should do

Chicago radiates a certain cultural coolness throughout the year, capturing the spirit of the Midwestern United States. From tall skyscrapers to stuffed pizzas and comedy clubs, not even the winter cold can stop the "Windy City" (as Chicago is also called). So grab your scarf and mittens and head for the journey through the white winter wonderland

Airbnb or hotel: what's better when traveling?

After a long air journey, the plane finally lands. You stretch your legs, rub your eyes and look out the window to get an impression of the surroundings. As you shuffle into the airport, you feel like you've spent the night in the trunk of a small car. There's a long line to go before customs, but at last you can take your bag off the line and go to the exit. You stop the next taxi and you're on your way home to your home away from home. But where the taxi driver takes you depends on where you decided to book your accommodation.

24 hours sightseeing in Munich

Munich, the third largest city in Germany and state capital of Bavaria, is my absolute favorite city and one of the coolest cities in Europe. You do not believe me? Well, I have lived in Munich for eight years and I am still very warm heart, when I think of the "cosmopolitan city with heart". But what makes Munich so special? Quite simply: Munich is modern and at the same time traditional, has many cozy beer gardens and many great places along the Isar, where I spent many summer evenings while chilling with friends and a barbecue. A true summer dream!

24 hours in the Bristol

Do you have 24 hours in Bristol? In addition to the beaches in Cornwall or the sunny summer set, Bristol is often forgotten and the city is a unique place for music, design and art. Check out the graffiti-studded buildings(many from the world-famous street artist Banksy) and visit trendy studios, alongside vintage clothing stores and art cinemas. There is even a music event in Bristol that could take place smoothly in New Orleans.

Do you have 24 hours left for London?

With more than eight million people in the way, it's probably one of the most exciting and busy cities when the clock is ticking. Nevertheless, the city is one of the best in the world and deserves this reputation: In this unique cultural melting pot, there are almost as many sights as inhabitants. After intensive research and testing (largely culinary nature, of course), I have put together a travel program that contains both the most important sights as well as insider tips and gives you the feeling of being a tourist and local at the same time.

11 things that you learn while traveling

"the one who returns from a journey is no longer the same one who has moved out." - chinese proverb

11 incredible facts about the statue of liberty

The statue of liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in the world - and although she is already 129 years old, the lady still looks great. Here are our 11 favorite facts that prove that the statue is worth more than just a good photo opportunity in the big apple.