What are the best ways for a college student to make money?

Making money for anyone is difficult. Being a college student is even harder, from paying for tuition, books, and supplies, there is hardly any left over for enjoyment. I know you're probably thinking great now what? I was reading these to get ideas not get depressed, but don't worry I will tell how to make money.

The first way of making money as a college student is getting a job on campus. Every college has a career center and you can go and see which department is hiring. The good part about working at you college is that they work with your schedule and make is easy for you to take the classes you want and need while working. Also, most jobs are very easy and relaxed so you will be able to do homework. By working on campus you will save gas because you won’t have to drive to school and then somewhere else for work.

One of the greatest things about being a college student is all the opportunities you have to get an internship. You can get an internship through your school and get course credit if it is not paid. There are also paid internships, but not that many. By having an internship you have a better chance of getting a job at that company after the internship is over. Also, you get to improve your resume for future jobs and get a wonderful work experience. Another way is to sell used books. Every quarter or semester students buy hundreds of dollars of books. You can either sell them back to your school’s bookstore or other bookstores. Not only that, but there are various websites such as, or where books can be sold. This way you are not losing any money, but making a little extra off each book.

Third, students can save money by recycling. I know what you’re thinking really recycling?! And yes recycling! As students we drink so many drinks from cans and use paper. I found a website and this is what it said “a service that monitors how much you recycle, and then gives you reward points based on the weight of your recycled goods.  The points can be redeemed for discounts to local stores, restaurants, magazines, products, and most importantly, 10 dollar gift cards (Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Home Depot, and more).” How amazing does this sound? I’m even going to do this. You simple pledge to do simple things such as recycle plastic bottles and you can get points. It is stuff we should already be doing to help our environment, but now we can get rewarded for it. By doing the simple things that the website recommends you can get discounts at many places and for many products. These are just some of the things a college student can do to make money. The options however are endless. With a little creativity and imagination one can make a lot of money. College students have more opportunities because they have the availability and resources that most people don’t. Saving money can be difficult, but if one puts their mind to it and does the things mentioned they will save more money than imagined. You are almost done reading so go talk to the school’s career center, find an internship, grab all your old books to sell them, sign up at and the money in your bank account increase.